From practice for practice

With the CONTURA Technical Center, we have created the conditions for a constructive and practice-oriented industry dialog. Here, end users, injection molders and designers can exchange experiences and ideas.


The best place to talk about the potential of mold temperature control: CONTURA MTC in Menden.


In a pleasant and bright atmosphere one door away from the action – Here workshops can be experienced in a particularly catchy way. You are cordially invited!

In the middle

In the middle of Germany – near the Ruhr area. Good and stress-free to reach. Ask us about the most convenient options of accessibility by car, train, and plane.

Seminars & Workshops

Learning together

The meeting room is designed for workshops and seminars. That is exactly how it is used.

You will not only benefit from the ideal spatial conditions – first and foremost, at Hämmerstraße 6 in Menden, you will meet specialists who are 100% dedicated to the subject of contour-following temperature control and your options and who “live” this subject. In recent years, a veritable community of mold temperature controllers has emerged. We are pleased about this and would also like to welcome you to the CONTURA technical center.

Reviews and tests



The series production of a plastic injection molded part should run as smoothly as possible. To ensure this, the mold insert blanks are put through their paces by our specialists before delivery.

The quality features are monitored and controlled according to DIN ISO 9001 (certificate).

These procedures include:

  • Leak test
  • Flow test
  • Qualitative inspection of the joining surfaces by means of ultrasonic immersion (if necessary)
  • Hardness test after heat treatment

We can usually perform the tests directly “in-house” at CONTURA. This gives you the maximum control and safety.


Contact our competence team to get the maximum out of your production process.

On request up to the sampling

From planning to sampling, we can map the complete process for you and optimize it under practical conditions.

In addition to an injection molding machine, our technical center offers you various peripheral devices for the optimal production of your plastic parts. You have the possibility to sample your mold with standard temperature control units as well as variothermic units from different manufacturers. In this way, you create a basis for a decision that is tailored to your tool.

Our experienced injection molding technician is available in our technical center to provide you with advice and assistance.