Scrap in parts production can be significantly reduced by contour-following tempering.

Painting work may not be necessary at all.

We increase efficiency to avoid wasting energy.

Modern bio-based plastics and also recycled materials are often challenging to process. With precise temperature-controlled production, it is perfectly possible to tame even complex material properties.

Avoid rejects!

Scrap must be avoided. The raw materials are valuable and recycling is energy-intensive.

With CONTURA® you reduce waste to a minimum.

Make painting obsolete!

In the past, we have succeeded several times in eliminating a complete production process. The “painting process”.

In principle, painting processes are always associated with a high level of effort and not infrequently with a certain environmental impact.

Due to the precise surface control in a production process designed by CONTURA®, it is often possible to achieve a desired surface quality already in the injection molding machine. The painting process can thus be completely eliminated.

Enable use of recycled and bio-based plastics.

Often, these materials require a variothermal and precisely controllable injection molding process.

At CONTURA®, we achieve just that.

Increase efficiency!

Viewed over the lifetime of a component, the efficiency and thus the consumption of resources is the significant component.

We at CONTURA® are able to significantly increase this efficiency.

we care!