The process
at a glance

Product idea

As our customer, you have a product idea and thus already have initial requirements for the end product.


Already now you can
record. Please feel free to use our Checklistto clarify any existing data.


We analyze the project and identify possible potentials and difficulties in advance.


The mold insert is designed by us and aligned for optimum efficiency.


After the design, we can already simulate the injection molding process and identify and further consider any potentials.


CONTURA MTC takes care of the implementation and production of the mold insert and selects the appropriate process for it.


As an option, we offer our own channel coating. This corrosion protection further improves the service life of the tool insert.


If required and desired, we can provide any necessary peripherals such as temperature control units.


Thanks to our excellent network, we are able to supply you with a ready-to-use tool on request. On request, we are available with our service technicians from the initial sampling (FOT) to the series production run.

Performance assurance measures

To ensure constant performance of the production process, we offer measures such as tool cleaning in the further production process.


Even after the purchase, we are always at your disposal with technical know-how.

After-sales service

We strive for long-term and consistent cooperation with our customers and are available to answer your questions even after a project has been completed. This is in the interest of both parties and a matter of course at CONTURA.

If you have problems in your injection molding process that are not directly related to an ongoing project, we also have a solution ready for you.