The quality policy at CONTURA

(as of 9/4/2019)

Management is committed to and supports the workforce in providing resources to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Decisive for customer satisfaction is a quality to be provided by CONTURA, which is reflected in the adherence to the promised delivery dates, the correct and professionally flawless execution and in the promised functionality of our work.

Measurement data is determined to document quality and the processes for adherence to deadlines are planned and controlled. To meet and ensure customer requirements, quality is developed through continuous improvement of processes.

Instruments for the analysis and development of ideas for binding further development measures of this quality are figures, data and facts, which are obtained from the contents of the CIP meetings, the monthly developed key figures, the continuously written 8D reports, the customer satisfaction as well as from the consideration of the company risks.

Rule communication with suppliers in both written and verbal form helps to consolidate and further develop rules for fruitful, cooperative collaboration.

To achieve these goals, management develops employees both professionally and personally. To this end, training sessions are held, employee interviews are conducted, and the duties and authorities of each individual are defined.

Both managing directors are aware of their role model function and live it.